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Ruger Mark 1 -3 Magazines

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Find Ruger magazines for the Ruger Mark 1, Mark 2 and Mark 3 magazines in 22 caliber. For more info or to order online, please click on the product code next to the P85 mag you need.
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Ruger Mark I Factory NEW Code: R4MKI Price: $30.00

Ruger Mark II factory
Code: R4MKIIF Price: $30.00

Ruger Mark III M10 Pistol 10RD New Factory Code: R4MK3M10 Price: $30.00

Ruger Mark III 22/45 pistol 10RD New Factory Code: R4MK322 Price: $30.00

Ruger 22/45 10 RD factory Code: R42245 Price: $30.00

This list on the left is for Ruger 22 long rifle hand gun magazines. If you are looking for ruger 22LR RIFLE magazines, please visit my 10/22 magazine page
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